Read ALL instructions before beginning


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Begin by dumping scone mix in a small mixing bowl. Stir briefly with a fork to distribute contents evenly.Now, add 1 cup of HEAVY CREAM (absolutely NO substitutions). Note: YOU MAY NOT NEED ALL OF THE CREAM, so start by adding about 3/4 of the cream stirring it with a short wooden spoon until mixture begins to come together, forming a large single mass. If there is still a little dry flour in the bottom of your bowl then gradually add more of your cream cream, while stirring.

Stop adding cream when you have incorporated all the dry flour and  formed a large mass of dough. Form the mass into a single large ball and place on a lightly floured surface & hand flatten into a thick round, approximately 1 inch high. Lightly brush the top of dough with some cream or milk, then dust top with large sugar granules. Take a long knife and make four long cuts across the full length of dough, rendering 8 pie shaped scones. Place a few inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet & bake 15-20 min. until lightly browned on the edges. (To maintain oven temp: resist the urge to open your oven for the first 10 minutes) Cool baked scones on wire racks & ENJOY!


Amy Turner